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This process is based on years of experience & refinement. It is designed to be as efficient as possible- protecting both The Client & The Artist/s. It is a guide of a typical Booking process for an eventbut our team is able to adapt to requirements or other structures on an individual basis.  

To speed up the process, when making an availability enquiry include the following details so we can provide a quote immediately:

• Location (Country, City, Venue)
• Timings (Approximate time of day/night, duration of performance/s)

• Info about the event, e.g. Wedding, Festival, Club (include number of guests/capacity so we can quote accurately)

• Music brief or purposes of music- any references are useful

• Budget

• Other relevant info e.g. performing with musicians, soundcheck timings

The 'Client' refers to the party (or any of their representatives) booking The Artist.

We have added some FAQs to the diagram, but don't hesitate to get in contact with any questions. 



Bookings may be managed directly by DJ Megan Fernandez HQ or through an Agency.

We work with a number of Agents around the world who specialise in a variety of events across different localities & languages. They each have their own local contacts and knowledge to assist with the Event if required.

Payment must be made before the event unless otherwise agreed when the Booking Confirmation contract is issued.

Due to the volume of enquiries we receive, the event dates will only be held (for 72 hours) once the Booking Confirmation Contract has been issued. From the point of enquiry to the issuance of the contract, we cannot guarantee availability to be held. When the proof of payment of the deposit & signed Booking Confirmation have been received, the dates are confirmed and will not available to any other enquiries.  

DJ Megan Fernandez is protected & insured by The Musican's Union (UK)

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