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Creative Consulting

Through her travels and Freelance work, Megan has gained a great variety of skills across Business, Marketing and Design.

Megan has worked with several clients on projects from the concept of a product to Market Research, DesignDevelopment and Marketing. She has a keen interest in Branding and has previously worked on ideas in the Tech, Tourism, Life Coaching, Events, Clothing and Alcohol Industries.

Read some of the case studies below to learn more about how Megan can help your business.

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Case Studies

The Rise Guide

TRG is a Ski Industry Tech Business. Megan is a co-founder and worked with her business partner and a Swiss Business Incubator (Incub&Co​ based in Lausanne) to develop the concept, Business Model, conduct Market Research and pitch to Investors. In addition, Megan designed the Logo and Website.

This project involved learning about App and Website development, pitching and working with dozens of Tech Agencies and individuals to find the right Developers & Designers for the Project. Megan has project managed The Rise Guide since the initial concept.

If you are interested in investing in this project, please

contact The Rise Guide here

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E-Scooter Accessories Project

Megan is currently working with a client on a solution-based product for E-Scooter users. The client approached Megan with a sample of the product, seeking Marketing advice. Megan exceeded this request as she was able to identify a number of design issues. It was also evident that the client had not done any Market or Customer research so Megan conducted this and presented the findings to the client. 

Megan and the Client are currently working with a Manufacturing Consultant and will create a short-term solution (E-commerce based) to begin to establish the Brand until the product is ready to launch to the Market. The Research conducted by Megan lead to the client was then gaining a clearer idea of the price points, visual design and sizing to provide to the Production Team.

Megan continues to work on this project, which is under NDA

Rosé Wine Project

Megan was approached and asked to join a White Label Rosé Wine project. After hearing the concept, she became a business partner. Megan's role is to oversee everything Creative as well as take part in the product development. 

Megan created a Brand Deck, sourced a Graphic Designer who specialises in the style that they hoped to achieve and started to create content. She proposed the idea of creating Social Media Channels under different names but with the same brand values to generate a following until changing the account name when the product is ready to launch.

Megan's experience of working in France has also supported the project.

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Dick's Tea Bar

Dick's Tea Bar is a world-famous nightclub based in the French Ski Resort of Val d'Isère. As well as being Resident DJ, Megan was also named Artistic Director after her first season at the Club.


This Artistic Director is responsible for::

Social Media (Content Creation, Posting)

Merchandise Design & Distribution

Interior Design

Music Concept

Booking of Guest DJs & Musicians

Lighting Design

Event Planning (Concept, Organisation & Promotion)

Briefing & Sign Off of all Graphic Design work with the Agency

Megan did this role for two seasons, until DTB had to close due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


"I work with clients to create videos to promote their Brand, Event or Content. Often, they will only have video recorded from a mobile phone so I will combine that with Stock and my own footage to achieve a desirable result." 

To discover more about Megan's Graphic Design skills, click here



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