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Megan is a self taught house Music DJ, Radio Host & Radio Producer.

In 2022 she performed over 260 gigs, making her one of the most in demand female DJs in the world.

Megan has performed in world renowned Night Clubs, Private Villas & Chalets, Members Clubs, Brand Activations, Outdoor Festivals, on Private Yachts, Bars, Lounges and in Beach Clubs. Her experience is unrivalled, making her the ultimate DJ for your event.

She has held Residencies in Portugal, France, Austria and the UK as well as Hosted Radio Shows in France, Ibiza and the UK.

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Megan 's experience of working with Luxury brands and UHNW clients has led to bookings at many of the world's most prestigious venues & events

Radio Shows

Host & Producer

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• Understanding how to problem solve- whether a technical or another logistical issue- is essential to ensure the smooth running and enjoyment of any event. Whether one of the pieces stops working mid-performance; the schedule changes and guests need to be entertained; the location or weather change or almost anything else happens, Megan has the skill set to resolve issues so the guests are none-the-wiser and the event appears seamless. The ability to do this is a result of years of experience in multiple formats of event. Megan's ability to do this adds an "insurance" to the entertainment of your event.

• Megan is a chameleon; able to adapt her style to your event. She requests a 'Dress Code Brief' as part of the booking process to ensure she is appropriately presented for your event. 

• Megan's experience of performing around the world, in a wide array of situations, has refined her ability to read a crowd and adapt the music to their preferences within the boundaries of the music brief and requirements of the even. For example, she can adapt an Afro House set to be relaxed background music for a cocktail hour, then increase the intensity to have the guests dancing and shouting for more.

to book megan to dj at your event, contact us at:

attach the event brief document to get an accurate quote & availability from our team within 24 hours

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 "DJs track down greatness in music and squeeze it together. Like a master chef who picks just one perfect cherry from each tree to make his pie, a DJ condenses the work and talent of hundreds of musicians into a single concentrated performance. 

... They make It to measure. None of this off-the-peg, one-size-fits-all rubbish; when you hear a DJ play you're getting a unique performance, exactly suited to the moment. Proper DJs don't just trot out a load of nice tunes, they think carefully about the time, the place and the people in front of them and choose something that's perfect.

This is the real skill of DJing at it doesn't come easily. Knowing music, finding music, understanding music is something that takes years."

From 'How to DJ (Properly)' by Frank Broughton & Bill Brewster


An extremely versatile performer, Megan's experience of DJing in a variety of venues internationally has resulted in world class musical knowledge and technical skills.

Megan aims to entertain every audience with a memorable, joyful and energising experience. 

Her collection is mainly House music, but she takes influence from multiple genres in each of her sets. 

As a result of being well travelled, Megan is able to adapt her sets to all audiences. She researches local customs and music trends to ensure her set resonates with the crowd.

Megan is Central St Martins Alumni & has always had a passion for Design. She is a Brand Ambassador for Hidnander & always seeking further Fashion collaborations.


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Before learning to DJ, Megan worked as a Artist with a Residency painting murals in Portugal. She has also designed graphics and been commissioned to paint artworks for a number of clients. 

Megan plans to combine her Art and Fashion skills in future for both solo projects and collaborations.

Megan is also a self taught Video Editor, Podcaster and Graphic Designer. She is extremely talented in both Business and her Creative Skill stacking.

Art & Creavtivity

Megan shares her knowledge of the DJ Industry and working as an International performer through tutorial videos on her Youtube channel and teaching privately as well as for DJ Schools. She is motivated in supporting others to explore their creativity and contributing to the next generation of DJs.

She is currently writing a book, collating her experience of DJing and business.

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