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  • What are your Environmental & Fair Practice Policies?
    We carefully selected our Production partner based on quality & environmental values as this is core to our concept. Here are some of our promises: All of our staff are paid above the national living wage, regardless of age. Our DTG printers use only water-based inks. They're OEKO-TEX® approved (they don't contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment). Our catalogue offers a wide variety of organic and fair wear accredited garments. All the excess and waste cardboard and paper we produce is recycled. Waste ink is unavoidable, but we dispose of ours responsibily. Failed prints are also unavoidable, and as of March 2018 all products that fail quality checks will be donated to charity. DPD, one of our delivery partners, have a carbon neutral commitment. As of April 2019, the packaging used to ship all orders is 100% plastic free (with the exception of canvases which use a bio-degradable bubble wrap for protection). Some of our items are fully manufactured in the UK, by us, and you can be confident these are produced responsibly and ethically. These products include our tote bags, throw cushions and natural throw cushions. As of August 2019, Inkthreadable will be offsetting our Carbon Footprint by funding the planting of trees in the North West of England.
  • How much is Shipping?
    We go into detail on our rates on our Shipping page. Our prices are set by the Shipping companies that we work with so they cannot be adjusted. All prices are caluclated at Checkout based on destination and combined weight of all products.
  • Who creates the designs?
    Megan creates all of the Graphics and designs all of the Products. If you want more infor then head to our About page. To commission a design or collaboration proposal then go to our Contact page.
  • Why is the Dick's Tea Bar Merchandise available on Megan's website?
    The Merchandise is designed by Megan as she is the Artistic Director & Resident DJ of DTB. As she is proud of the Products and to represent an iconic venue, the Official Merchandise is included in her Range. The Products, Prices & Shipping on the Dicks Tea Bar website and Megan's website are exactly the same. Shop here.
  • How can I book Megan to perform at my Event/Venue?
    You can reach Megan through the Contact page or via her Socials which are linked at the bottom of the page.
  • How can I commission Megan for an Art project?
    You can reach Megan through the Contact page or via her Socials which are linked at the bottom of the page.
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