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Exciting news! I'm launching my DJ Series

Hey beauty, welcome back. In this post I’m announcing a project that I am so excited about!

After my DJ Residency in France was cut short by the pandemic last March (and I’ve only done a few gigs since due to restrictions), I’ve had so much time to reflect. I realised that I have learned so many niche tips, tricks and hacks over the years of travelling and performing internationally as a DJ. I also know the game from the opposite team: being an Artistic Director of a nightclub and actually BOOKING all of the DJs & Performers. Knowing the situation from both sides has really opened up my understanding of the industry and I want to share this knowledge- I wish it had been available when I was starting out!

Obviously everybody’s experiences of DJing are different so I can only speak for my own, but those experiences have been so varied and pretty unbelievable when I look back on it now… and I was the one who actually lived them!

So over the course of this series of videos that I will be sharing on my Youtube channel and blogging about here, I’m going to share my REAL LIFE DJ tips. There are so many videos out there talking about the technical side of DJing; the mixing, equipment and software. But there are also so many other practical things to consider and this info is far less available! Here are some of the topics that I’m going to be covering over the next few months:

• Crowd reading and planning the energy of your set

• Gig etiquette and performing with musicians

• Where I find new music (including how much it costs and where to find ‘free’ music)

• Do’s and Don’ts of drinking while performing

• How to make an epic EPK so that you stand out and get booked

• DJing 101 - The Basics and How to Get Started

• The path to being a successful DJ

• Staying healthy while on tour

• How I organise my music library (over 10k tracks) and prepping it for performances

• What to do when sh*t hits the fan

• Resident DJ vs Guest DJ

• Creating your DJ Brand & Marketing yourself

And much more!

I’m doing all of this completely for free because I feel like sharing this information is so valuable to anyone wanting to pursue their dream of being a full time DJ. I had the support of some amazing people but I know that not everyone is so lucky and my journey still had significant challenges. The events industry is going to explode when everything can open back up so using this time productively is a great idea! There are probably courses that you can pay for that will teach you about these kind of things but with the lockdowns and everything going on I have no idea if they’re still running or not.

If you have an ideas about things that you would like me to cover then send me a DM on instagram

Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube account so you don’t miss any of the videos! They will be in a playlist with all of the content called ‘DJ Series’.

Ciao for now x


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