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My Recipe Book is now available on Etsy

It has always been a dream for me to write a Recipe Book. I started cooking at home from a really young age! When I was around 12, my Mum bought me a book which I used to hand write and illustrate my recipes in.

When we went into lockdown at the start of last year I knew it was going to be the perfect time to work on finally creating my Recipe Book! I've included some of my favourite recipes from the last 10 years of travelling. In addition, there are some examples of how to make these simple recipes even healthier- check out the Breakfast Oats page, for example!

Because it is a digital book, you can save it to any mobile device or laptop so it is always on hand- even if you are travelling yourself!

Many of the recipes include different serving options so you are encouraged to get creative in the kitchen with some guidance that you can revisit whenever you want. In Ayurveda, they say you start digesting with your eyes first and so I created this book to be visually delicious too.

All of the recipes are vegan/plant based but can be adapted to include animal products if you prefer. I have lots of healthy ideas for alternatives to 'naughty' or treat foods so if you are health-conscious, this is a great book for you.

Buy the book here (you can gift it to someone too);


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