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Megan can create Playlists or Mixes to

communicate your Brand

To 'Curate' means to gather and organise a selection of something for a specific purpose.


Music curation means choosing and organising music for the purpose of creating and guiding our experiences of a space, place or thing. It takes years of DJing to be able to appropriately design a sound experience to be cohesive with an environment and compliment the atmosphere.

Music curation is all about matching tracks to ‘vibes’ and maintaining a certain atmosphere for a given place, event or for a specific brand.

It is a lot like being a DJ: extensive Music knowledge of the Genre/Style you curate is required; the Curator must sense the tone of the space/gathering/event; the music must compliment the experience. However, a DJ is able to be present and react to the situation and audience, therefore Music Curation is not a substitute for DJing.

A Music Curator must be able to understand a Brand Story to connect with the Target Customer.


A Music Curator is able to take on the challenge of blending that artistry and musical instinct with research and marketing strategy.


The music that represents a Brand must be Culturally coherent to its location, story and customer.

With years of International DJing experience including residencies in several European countries, as well as Hosting International Radio Shows, Megan's has an advanced Theoretical & Social understanding of music. 

Megan's first Music Curation project was for Rip Curl in Portugal for their retail stores. Her playlists have been used in Bars, Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels such as Surfers Lodge in Portugal and Arctic Cafe in France.

Megan enjoys reading Research Studies about behaviour influenced by Music as spends extensive amounts of time exploring new music releases as well as back-catalogues of 'old' music to add to her eclectic music collection.

Previous Clients

Megan enjoys the process of meeting with a Business Owner, or Marketing Manager, to unpick their Brand image and goals. She then relates the Target Customer and Culture of the Brand to music styles. On-site visits allow her to understand the 'vibe' of the venue and the varying energy levels at different times of day or night to adjust the music accordingly.


She tailors the process for each Brand. Services can include Playlists, Mixes, a Social Media Package and Playlist Updates, each tailored to suit the needs and budget of the business.

Screenshot 2020-07-01 at 14.14.30.png

An example of a Playlist project for Flora in Talloires (near Annecy, France).

Read the full story here.

Thred is a website dedicated to young people all about Youth Culture + Social Change. Megan regularly works with Jenk Oguz, Thred's CEO, to create mixes for the Gen-Z readers. Thred understand the importance of music culture as part of their Brand and releasing mixes is another method of engagement as part of their Marketing strategy.

To book a consultation with Megan about the Curating the Audio personality of your Brand contact her here

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