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Art & Projects

Megan worked as a Resident Artist at a Surf Hostel in Portugal for several years. She was also commissioned by other businesses in the region- such as Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and Surf Schools- to paint murals and signs. 

She later moved on to paint in Austria, the UK and France. Megan is able to confidently create and apply a design to meet the needs of the client in any given space. She has a natural aptitude to scale up images and adapt designs by eye, removing the need to project or do a detailed sketch of a design

Her personal style is varied, but her signature is Mandala's. Megan has taught Art Classes in Portugal and worked with Brands such as Animal and Tree the Company on clothing projects. For Animal, Megan was selected as a signature series Artist and created a range of Floral inspired Mandala graphics which were bestsellers that season.

After working on mostly physical painting projects, Megan taught herself her to create Artwork digitally and has a number of clients who use her for Graphic Design & Digital Illustration.



"Before I started DJing, I worked as a Freelance Artist. 


The majority of my work was painting murals so I was often found at the top of a ladder, balancing brushes & paint. The scale of my paintings ranged from huge pieces covering the sides of buildings to small, intricate pieces. Scaling artwork has never been a challenge for me which I took for granted for a long time!


The client who commissioned the Corto Maltese inspired piece for Captain's Log House in Portugal had comic books as reference so I had to scale up the original image from about 1" to 2 metres. All of my paintings are done freehand; I don't use projectors or stencils.

Usually a client will have a few ideas of things that they like to have combined or an existing piece that they would like to be painted on a particular surface- like the Street Artwork of The Beatles that the client wanted to have painted on a saxophone for his restaurant in Austria.


I work with the client to make their ideas a reality. Sometimes the artwork isn't really to my taste but the important thing is that the client is happy.


My favourite things to create are Mandalas and Typography pieces, but I'll turn my hand to anything!"


Megan started a Tattoo Apprenticeship in Portugal but had to step away from it due to scheduling conflicts as a result of international DJ commitments.

Megan's preferred mediums are acrylic and ink, however she is also confident working with digital art.

Scroll through the Gallery to see some examples of Megan's work
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