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Real Talk with Lucy & Megan

"In the bizarre summer of 2020, Mummatron (my Mum) and I decided to collaborate and share our thoughts in the form of a Podcast. With here Life Coaching skills and my Music Production knowledge, it made so much sense! Together we have created the weekly show, 'Real Talk with Lucy & Megan'.

Each week we choose a theme to discuss; from Gratitude to managing Procrastination and Untapped Potential. Get cozy and tune in for some positivity and good conversation with us. We're best friends, as well as mother and daughter, and have lived very different journeys so give different points of view on each topic. We also share our Peak, Pit and Proud of the week in addition to our 'Quote of the Week'."


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The Kindness Coach UK

Lucy is the incredible Kindness Coach UK.

To find our more or book a Life Coaching session, go to her website or contact her on her Socials.

I can't recommend her highly enough!

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